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VETTA Internationale makes learning real. We are explorers forever changing the face of training in the world today. We ignite the workplace with original learning progams.

VETTA Internationale’s intention is to present learning encounters by working professionals who have been through their paces and who can speak from real experiences.

”Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Nelson Mandela

In partnership with you.

What we do.

Our facilitator-led webinars, in-person, on-site interventions, inspiring motivation and short business talks are current, relevant and delivered from the heart.

Our approach is unconventional, yet we get the job done. Delivered from the heart, we ignite the workplace with our original learning experiences.

VETTA Internationale tunes into your specific needs and constantly creates opportunities to change narratives. 

You're in good hands.

Our team is your team.

Our team works tirelessly to help your business grow and meet your ever-changing needs. We’re on the pulse of what’s relevant and trending in the workplace today.

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Client reviews.

You’ll say things like this about us.

”Thank you from the bottom f my heart for the training you provided. Thank you. i have learnt a tremendous amount on my training and I am most definitely going to put it to use”.

Aziza McGregor

Berlin Packaging

“It was educational and inspiring – thank you so much – I will definitely use the PowerPoint provided to my advantage.”

Emlyn Brink


“I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, as it has been a most beneficial experience in all aspects. It has been therapeutic in multiple ways, to better understand the psyche and different personalities that one is surrounded by, as well as identifying your own personality, to build a mutually respectable environment for all to work in.”

Raashika Adam


“Your training has transformed my life”

Julia Griss


“Thanks so much for your email and for all of your training sessions, we really value your much needed input to our company. I can already see areas where your training has changed people for the positive, so thanks for that. I personally always enjoy a training session with you, don’t get me wrong I’m completely knackered afterwards, but I leave feeling reassured with some of my choices in life and ready to contemplate some new choices/changes, so thanks.”

Melissa Gruen


“I must say I had a wonderful time on Wednesday.  It was totally unexpected; in that short space of time, you gave me a new outlook on life.  I appreciate the kind words of encouragement. This is an experience that I’ll always carry with me for a long time. And thank you for your offer of support it’s much appreciated.”

Christa Priem


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