Project Management

Project Management


The ability to plan, resource, implement, measure and close a project is a critical business skill.

Introducing the Subject

  • Understand the term ‘project management’
  • People in the project
  • Responsibilities attached to project managing
  • Accountability towards completing the project on schedule

Procedural skills

  • Identifying the key factors to effective project management
  • Phases of the project process
  • Project budgets
  • Project management terminologies
  • Project management tools
  • Benefits to a systematic approach
  • Techniques to build an effective process
  • Conclusion and closing of a project
  • Characteristics of successful projects
  • Why projects fail
  • Post mortem of the project

Benefits of Attending

Participants are provided with a comprehensive process based model for project management and outline the key tools and techniques required to deliver excellent projects on time, within budget and with the required results.

Delegate Feedback

This workshop served to solidify and re-enforce what participants already does successfully, but also provided process and structure and new ideas to their thinking. Anonymous
The workshop was very stimulating and we rate it ‘excellent’; A lot was learnt in terms of communication skills and stakeholder management involved in project management. Valuable tips and strategies are given which ensures successful project outcomes, especially the focus on planning, prioritizing and collaboration. Naptosa

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