There is a need to bring back feminine values of trust, empathy, compassion, receiving, non-competition and balance to the workplace. In today’s world working women are flooded with empowerment messages. The underlying assumption is we need to play the game in a man’s world. What if we changed this narrative? What if the key to success both in business and life is to play to the strengths women can inherently bring to the workplace?

In my humble opinion there is a burning need to explore feminine styles of leadership – those that aren’t as rigid nor as value achievement over health and family life. There are 3 ways t for women to start bringing back these qualities into the workplace.

  1. Focus on Leadership, not gender.

Women often make great leaders because we;

  • Harness people’s motivational flows
  • Cultivate a workplace of collaboration and teamwork
  • Foster a culture of innovation and creative thinking
  • act with clarity and are decisive in their decision making
  • think creatively and out the box
  • use wise judgement and strong business acumen to make decisions
  • are comfortable for ambiguity
  • can harness the power of teamwork and encourage diverse thinking to create better solutions
  • More authentic in their relationships
  • Are calm and have an open mind welcoming diverse opinions to discover better solutions.
  1. Embrace your feminine qualities.

Culture has conditioned so many of us to believe that men make better leaders than women. More and more women are levelling the playing field when it comes to leadership and management. While women can be just as ambitious as most men, we incorporate values of self-care, slowing down, balancing health and family values with a work ethic and fostering environments of collaboration linked to empathy. These are great qualities that come naturally to so many women.

  1. Be courageous and create your own path to success.

A hallmark of many great leaders is they don’t take traditional paths to get ahead. Many of us women use our hearts and heads in making crucial career choices. Although we are driven to succeed, we don’t do so at the cost of others’ sense of well-being and belonging.

By putting intuition over intellect, collaboration over competition, personal health and happiness over achievement women leaders have so much to offer.

Now is the time to recognise the validity of leadership diversity welcoming in the talents of both men and women equally.

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