Why would I choose In-House training?

by Ornella Bourgeois

Clients often ask whether in-house training benefits their employees more, than sending them to Public training or eLearning training sessions.

My advice is to firstly assess your company’s particular circumstances and what outcomes you ein-house-trainingxpect after the training.







Here are a couple of pointers for you to consider as an HR Professional when considering in-house;

  • The trainer uses solid knowledge of the organisations culture, problems, challenges and real life situations that employees come across every day at work.
  • Training is tailored to the objectives and needs of the organisation.
  • Especially in South African with the diverse languages, this training can be con- ducted in the language and terminology choice of the employees. This assists the employees in relating to and understanding the topic on hand.
  • The same training is extended to all employees as well as their managers which assists in working towards everyone ‘being on the same page’.
  • This personalised form of training assists the employee to ‘absorb’ more relevant, practical information in a shorter space of time.
  • Costing plays a huge factor. With this option you can train more employees at very reasonable prices.
  • Managers attending these training sessions, can assist employees with post training monitoring and reinforcing on the skills.

As with everything it wouldn’t be fair not to mention some disadvantages to in-house training.

Your organisation would need to provide a training room which is suitable for the training at hand. All equipment for the training such as white or electronic boards, Power-Point facilities, laptops, tables, chairs etc. would all be required for a conducive training session.

Often employees complain that if the training is conducted on-site, they often get called out of the training session to attend to some ‘urgent’ work matter, which disrupts the flow of the training.

Employees do not meet anyone from other companies and do not have the opportunity of networking and discussing the various perspectives, challenges, ideas, ethos and styles from different companies which helps them to develop and be exposed to more information.

All VETTA workshops can be presented nationally and internationally as in-house training sessions. View our website www.vetta.co.za or better still, call us for a competitive quotation or a needs assessment on the workshop of your choice Tel: 086 111 83882 / info@vetta.co.za

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