Why invest in staff training? What’s in it for the Company or me?

Why invest in staff training?  Whats in it for the Company or me?
Written by Ornella Bourgeois 


As a company owner for the past 17 years I used to ask myself the same question in my early managerial days.  It’s only now in my experienced years that I feel I can answer this in a genuine and mature manner.


In the beginning I would detest the fact that when some of my staff were trained they would up and leave for greener pastures.  I would ask myself, “Why did I bother?”  “Why did I waste my monies on someone that didn’t appreciate the training, by staying with the company?” “Now I have to train someone else all over again.” and so on and so on.

Well, the answer quite simply lies in the fact that each and every person you employ does already come with a set of qualities and skills they learnt from someone else.  Even if it’s a student, he or she has learnt certain things from their parents or teachers which will add value to you in your company.  Sure, there may be a lot more that you will have to train them on but this brings me to the bigger picture.  We constantly speak about intellectual copyright etc. etc. which does have it’s place make no mistake but in the bigger scheme of things how wonderful is it, to be part of someone else’s learning and see them improve on their skills and carve a better future for themselves and their family.  We are all so caught up in copyrighting everything, even information that is generic and we feel that it is our right and due that if we have trained someone that they should be indebted to us forever.

If you have staff constantly leaving you once they’ve been trained the problem lies not in the training but in other motivational aspects within the company i.e. salary, working environment, management techniques, etc. etc.

Think about a plant in nature, does it matter who waters it daily?  As long as it is watered and becomes a beautiful tree one day that will give shade and make a difference in its environment for generations to come.

So, why invest in staff training?

Trained staff = company staff retention and morale becomes high

Staff happy = happy customers

Well trained staff = less supervision required

Trained workforce = more efficient, skilled and increased productivity

Training = backs up company objectives

Training = increases cross-cultural awareness

Training = your company is not ‘left behind’

Training = sets your company apart from your competitors

Training = fills the necessary skills gap and you do your bit to aid the economy


All the above lead to positive outcomes for you as the manager and the company as a whole.


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