How well do your Staff Really Know your Customers?

In today’s fast-paced, competitive business world, it’s time to ask the hard questions. One of them being, how well do your employees understand your customers and are they delivering brilliant service across the entire organisational spectrum?

For your staff to truly ‘get’ your customers, they will need to be attentive to your customers’ demands and requests at all times. The potential rewards are great. You will increase customer loyalty and bring in new business through positive word-of-mouth recommendation.

Walk a mile in my shoes

Understanding customers requires you take a hard look at the points where customers engage with your business. This includes meetings, phone calls, visits, correspondence and deliveries. You need to ask some hard questions. Is your receptionist friendly? Are your sales staff proactive and readily available to assist customers wherever possible?

The most common customer complaint is being kept waiting. If your staff are slow to return calls or fulfill orders, then you are in danger of losing a customer. Above all, customers expect your staff to live up to their promises and surpass expectations.

As a small business owner you can offer a more personalised service when you recall a customer’s name and your last conversation with them. In this way, you will have brightened their day. They will remember you and tell friends what a great service you offer.

Understanding your customers and improving your service must be a priority throughout your company. Everyone, from the front desk to delivery staff need to focus on exceeding customer expectations.

Don’t assume your customers are going to stay

Here is a shocking truth – your customers vote with their wallet on each transaction. If they don’t like the way your staff are treating them, they will walk away. If you want to truly ‘get’ your customers and win their loyalty, every person in your organisation needs to have their focus on mastering customer service.

Make sure your employees aren’t bad mouthing customers

Every employee is bound to have a negative experience with a customer – it’s all part of the customer service role. As a result, it’s not uncommon for co-workers to rant among themselves. Over time, this behaviour will shape the way they interact with customers.

As a leader it’s your job to create a healthy environment and take swift action if you see your staff sniping or criticising a customer.

Your turn – you be the customer

Now let’s turn the tables. You put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Would you be happy with the service you are receiving?

As a business owner you need to be curious and constantly ask the questions – how does this work and how can we make it better?

Respecting customers is key. Respect customers in every way that you interact with them.  Customers are not annoying. They keep your company in business, they keep staff employed and they pay for your children’s education, put food on your table, buy your clothes and pay your rent/bond.

Receive Proper Training

At VETTA Communication we offer stimulating, practical and innovative training that will help your staff to deeply engage with customers. During our workshops, your team will learn:

  • Effective customer communication
  • Understand customer perspectives, perceptions & expectations
  • Handle customer diversity
  • Consideration towards customer disappointment, problems and complaints
  • Learn to be pro-active, innovative and a solution thinker
  • Ensure repeat business

As a business owner it’s impossible for you to constantly watch what your employees are doing. At VETTA Communication we will take the time to help your team understand the complexities of delivering consistent and brilliant customer service.

Call us today to discuss solutions tailored to your specific in-house training needs. We also offer national public workshops and cater for smaller employee numbers and private individuals. Whether in-house or public, our workshops ensure lasting solutions.

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