As I sit on my patio overlooking the Tuscan hills, with my son playing ball in the courtyard, I find myself fielding calls, making bookings and my training calendar is almost full for July 2019. I’m loving this virtual way of working. My clients can easily get hold of me either via email or WhatsApp and VETTA Internationale is still humming along.


We’ve made the conscious decision to follow world trends that by next year, conventional office spaces will cease to exist.

There are so many benefits for trying out this virtual office. Here are 5 great reasons why we’ve decided to fully embrace this 4th Industrial Revolution.

1) Global Accessibility. It really doesn’t matter where we are in the world our clients can still reach us and we continue to offer them outstanding service at the touch of a button.

2) Productivity Increases. Instead of waiting in traffic to get to the office, we can be productive 24/7. Our virtual office offers a great alternative to the traditional office set-up. We have online access and can easily and quickly respond to any queries, anytime our customers might need us.

3) Greater Flexibility. No matter where we might be we or what projects we might be busy with, we just carve out some time during the day to make sure all emails and calls are answered.

4) Cost Efficient. Having easy access to our virtual office means we don’t need to worry about excessive rentals and all the headaches that go with a fixed address. We still maintain a high level of professionalism and our brand is still rock solid.

5) Greater Collaboration. We are totally in favour of collaboration and in fact, we prefer to work with like-minded professionals who are as committed as we are to offering brilliant training workshops throughout South Africa.

And if you want to find out just how efficient and flexible we at VETTA Internationale, then drop us an email and book your in-house workshops with us today.

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