I have had the privilege of coaching countless clients for the last 21 years and in all this time I am amazed at the individuality and unique quality each person brings to the conversation. I don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach to coaching. I think outside of popular paradigms. My approach is quite different. I listen and listen deeply. I don’t prescribe, I don’t offer advice and I don’t preach. Instead, I give you the space to talk and reveal what needs to be uncovered.

At first it feels as if the conversation is in a dark forest. I give you time to ferment your thoughts. To unload and share what’s in your heart. I give you time to breathe and together, like two travellers walking through a quiet forest, with leaves crunching underfoot, we find a clearing. At first it might seem small and dark, but slowly a light emerges. It is in this light I explore, with you, the possibilities.

To be honest I hate calling myself a coach. It reminds me of one of those people standing on the sidelines urging you on. Instead, I walk with you into the thickness of your life. I hold you with such grace and as a whisper the way forward begins to emerge.

Sometimes it might feel like an awakening lightning strike or a thunder clap. I recently saw this amazing image of the moment lightning strikes water. It’s a clear, sharp beam. It’s the beam of awareness. Some might call it satori, or that moment of awakening. I like to move slowly with you and help you find the fulcrum of your way forward. It might come slowly, or in some cases, as a clear insight.

Coaching is a deeply personal journey, almost sacred I think. I hold you with as much reverence and acknowledge who and where you have walked. I don’t presume to know your experience. Instead, and with a curious mind, we can walk these winding paths and at the end find this clear moment and then magic. Step by step we are all on this journey called life. Some are walking it more swiftly than others and that’s ok. I walk at your pace and to your rhythm.

I offer you the space and time to move you to that clear moment when you know, deep down in your gut, what needs to happen next. I have a rich toolbox of experience and I draw on these to support you in your full expression of life.

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