The trials of Office Administration

The trials and tribulations of Office Administration – Crucial survival tips for Administration Assistants   by Ornella Bourgeois

Time management is one of the most mismanaged skill in todays workplace. We try to fit in so much in an hour, in a day (unrealistically so) that we undoubtedly land up being late for meetings, appointments or just plain miss deadlines. Time management starts way before you get to the office. It’s not just a work thing, in fact, it starts as soon as you go to sleep at night.   It’s a chain reaction. You go to sleep late, you wake up late and tired, you drop off the kids late at school, you arrive late at work, your manager has already left important tasks on your desk. Your entire day runs late, late, late, late…….and you look like this at the end of it all.


As an Administration Assistant it is important to get organised by utilising timemanagement tools effectively, such as electronic calendars for meetings and appointments. Improve your personal productivity by working on your assertiveness skills and learning to delegate the unnecessary less important tasks so that you can focus on the crucial aspects of your work. Focus on one task at a time and complete it before moving on to the next. Cut down on idle colleague chit chat. You will be amazed at how much time is spent in ‘corridor gossip’. Stay away from Facebook (unless work related) and other forms or personal social media.

Ensure that your filing is organised and up to date. A website I came across with good information on filing rules is

Join us at our next VETTA Office Administration and also our Time Management workshop or call our office on 086 111 83882 and become an efficient Office Administrator and a brilliant ‘Time Manager’.


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