When it comes to training, we are dealing with people who have their own style of learning. As a trainer, it’s vital you have the skills to effectively train others. Whether it’s customers, your own team or employees, your ability to effectively train others lies in your knowledge and ability to teach others and empower their own learning.

With more and more companies investing huge amounts of time, money and effort into developing training for teams, customers, and employees, VETTA Communication has developed the right mix of rich content to powerfully present their  ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop.

This programme will benefit both experienced and those new to training who are committed to delivering effective and impactful training based on best practices. During this training, participants will learn how to develop a dynamic approach to their own training using a variety of activities, methods, and resources specially developed for your company’s specific requirements.

Lionel Bourgeois, Director of VETTA Communication, with more than 19 years’ experience in the training space, has an original approach and commanding presence that engages his audience, leaving them with valuable skills and tools to make their jobs easier and helpful to their audience.

VETTA Communication is a dynamic and forward-thinking training company with a strong track record of delivering sustainable results in the companies they serve. Attendees leave with a renewed sense of purpose they can immediately apply to their jobs.

This 8-hour workshop, ideal for supervisors, managers and HOD’s, offers valuable and practical tools to help trainers rise to the challenge of training.

Some key takeaways from the workshop include how to:

  • Create an effective learning environment
  • Improve learning results
  • Deliver training that meets the learning objectives
  • Effectively use the material to improve a group’s learning
  • Deliver clear and helpful visual aids related to the topic
  • handle training room disasters
  • Effectively deal with difficult participant behaviours
  • Lead a group discussion that meets the desired outcomes for the participant and the intended learning objective
  • Skills to ensure good learner interaction an participation
  • The importance of icebreakers and attention focusing techniques

On completion of this course, attendees will have learned how to put into practice skills learned that will add a depth and richness to their own training.

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