The integrity of Commitment

Unlike most people perhaps, I have a very simple approach to life:

  • I commit to my life by ‘showing up for life, for me, for work, family and for friends – fully’.
  • I commit to ‘my body’ by exercising it correctly, feeding it properly, and not using it as a ‘garbage disposal’.
  • I apply the man-to-man good code of conduct called ‘integrity’.  ‘When you commit, you commit’.

Collins meaning of integrity: If you have integrity, you are honest and firm in your moral principles 

A recent incident prompted me to write this blog.  One that I sadly should often be repeating.

I work with many people on a lot of projects; fast-track projects that require a team of people committed to doing something meaningful and who ‘show up’ on their commitment – no matter how small or big the task.

On a recent project, two new people I had never worked with before, but with whom I’d dealt in different situations, approached me keen to work on a current particularly high profile project to up their visibility.  We had a match.  Yet these two individuals were the very two that dropped me at the last minute.

In life, Integrity is everything.

My initial responses were anger, disappointment, disbelief, denial and loss of faith in humanity.  But then I wasn’t going to take on their energy and spoil the project. 

Instead, I gave them back their lack of integrity and starting sourcing alternatives (admittedly at the last minute).  As it turns out the Universe presented me with two new candidates that were sharper, smarter, more suited, more committed and with a much higher level of integrity.  They were willing to ‘show up’ in a way that surprised me beyond expectations.

If you have strong integrity, know that you’re a person that is worth your weight in gold.  All your CV needs to state is: “I have work, self and life integrity” and see how your future employer responds. 

If you don’t uphold the silent code of integrity, and commit to it, perhaps it’s time to explore why your life is not as in flow as it could be, why people don’t enjoy working with your or promoting you, or family invite you to family gatherings with some reluctance, or that your body is not in the shape of which you can be proud.  Nobody needs you to be perfect!  Commitment to doing will far outweigh perfection.  

Start committing to your word or your decisions.  Show up for yourself, and then show up for others.  It’s not difficult. 

Live with Integrity and see your life begin changing.

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