Have you ever wondered what makes us succeed in work and in life? Perhaps you imagine the key is intelligence or going above and beyond the demands placed on us, such as working long hours or taking on extra jobs.

Actually it’s none of the above. What makes us successful is our ability to cope and even thrive when faced with stress and pressures. It’s that word ‘resilience’ – when we can bounce back after life throws us some nasty curveballs.

There are some days when we may not feel our best. People continue to demand that we do stuff for them. The phone rings. There’s an argument at the office. It just goes on and on. The skill to mastering all these stressors is the art of practicing how to toughen up, face the inevitable dramas, and come back stronger than ever before.

How can we build resilience? What are some of the secrets?

  1. Constantly believe in yourself. This belief goes hand-in-hand with self-confidence. We need to understand that no matter who or what we are in life we all have a contribution to make. By reinforcing a sense of self-worth each day, we build our resilience reserves.
  2. There are many times during the day where our thoughts tend to gravitate towards negativity and we tend to dwell on our weaknesses. Instead of entertaining these thoughts, write down three things you’re good at right on the spot, and banish these self-defeating notions.
  3. Learning something new expands our belief system about what is possible. Sign up for a seminar or training and challenge yourself to move outside of your comfort zone.
  4. Accept that there will be challenges and trusting ourselves enough to successfully navigate through any situation.
  5. Becoming aware of some of our triggers is another great way to offset potential stressors that can lead us off-course from our quiet center.
  6. There are thousands of stories where people have achieved greatness despite adversity. By reading a personal story you can also discover the hero within yourself.

 Why is it important to have a resilient mindset?

Resilience is a critical life-skill that can help us prevent burn-out and possible depression. Learning to engage with grit is associated with various positive states, including optimism, energy, and a willingness to enjoy new experiences which can lead to personal growth and fulfillment.

It can also help us tune into positive emotions and find creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

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