Personal Assistant and Basic Project Management

Personal Assistant and Basic Project Management


A professional Personal Assistant is an indispensable, smart and dedicated individual who understands and works closely with senior management to serve as their full back-up.

Introducing the Role and Position

  • The role of the personal assistant in business today
  • Understand management’s expectations
  • Responsibilities and confidentiality
  • Personal presentation
  • Professional skills, business etiquette and protocol
  • Evolution of the Personal Assistant

Procedural Skills

  • Effective time and diary management
  • Preparing for business presentations
  • Preparation for meetings/conferences
  • Practical project management
  • Travel arrangements

Communication Skills

  • Professional business telephone communication and conference calls
  • Efficient handling of complaints and conflict
  • Etiquette and procedures in business correspondence
  • Preparing business reports
  • Efficient minute taking
  • Positive attitude and solution thinker
  • Handling customer complaints positively and constructively
  • Dealing with clients professionally, diplomatically and cross culturally
  • Ability to cope with stress and pressure
  • Networking skills

Benefits of Attending

Participants will have a good understanding of business management, administration and project management as well as having tact and diplomacy are necessary qualities in this position.

Delegate Feedback

The workshop also assisted them to realize the vital role that they play in the organization and we wish them the best in achieving their goals within the organization. The training was rated very highly on all scores and felt comfortable recommending this training to others. EThekwini Municipality