Minute Taking (half day)

Minute Taking


Valuable time is spent in meetings and preparing minutes however minute takers struggle with tenses, grammar, flow of text, interpretation and paraphrasing. Ensure that your Minute Taker is equipped with the correct skills to take down proper, accurate and effective minutes of a meeting.

Introducing the subject

  • Why are correct minutes important and binding?
  • The role of the minute taker
  • Types of minutes

Minute taking techniques

  • Procedures leading up to a meeting
  • Compiling a notice of meeting and the rules that govern this notice
  • Compiling an agenda
  • Formatting and importance of a correct agenda
  • Agenda and time frames
  • Methods and simple tips on minute taking
  • Accuracy
  • Styles in speedwriting
  • Effective listening skills
  • Focusing on objections and decisions
  • Differentiating between important or useless information
  • Time frames in preparing minutes
  • Addressing minutes
  • Drafting of minutes / email / hard copy signing and filing
  • Tenses, grammar
  • Distribution
  • Preparing a course of action list

Benefits of Attending

This practical workshop ensure that participants acquire the skill to accurately condense information by focusing on objections made, decisions taken and promptly compiling a course of action list to fast track action.

Delegate Feedback

Fully participated and interactive training! My staff member now feels a lot more confident in tackling this task. Love Life