Front Desk/ Reception with email correspondence

Front Desk/ Reception with email correspondence


Is your receptionist the ‘window of your company’? Does he/she create the right impression in person, telephonically or via email?

Image and Presentation – the Company’s and yours

  • Understand the role, function and requirements at the front desk
  • Promote efficiency and professionalism
  • Appreciation of your significance to the company
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem

Communication skills

  • Analyse how we are perceived when we communicate
  • What contributes to positive speech and body language behaviours
  • Benefits of asking the right questions to provide good customer service
  • Develop listening skills and consider listening barriers
  • Identify behaviours to develop and build rapport

Telephone Techniques and Email Communication

  • Telephone procedures: promptness in answering calls, vocal tone, proactive questioning
  • Call screening, message taking and dealing with busy boards
  • Effective methods of balancing courtesy and assertiveness
  • Email correspondence – tips, techniques, formality vs. informality

Customer Service

  • Understand the importance of meeting (and exceeding) customer expectations
  • Identify the ‘impression points’ of the business and how to enhance them
  • Techniques in handling customers’ complaints or anger to ensure a positive outcome
  • Recognise what is required for the perception of service excellence

Benefits of Attending

This workshop will enable participants to increase their effectiveness in projecting a professional image, relationship building, information exchange, active listening, complaint handling and generating customer satisfaction and loyalty through maintaining a positive attitude.

Delegate Feedback

Very happy with the standard & quality of this workshop Lenova

Keep up the good work! Very good standard & so much to learn TBWA Hunt