Drivers/ Delivery Teams

Support Staff

Drivers/ Delivery Teams


Delivery teams play a key role in providing both an internal and external service to the organizations customers and staff. Emphasis is laced on the important requirements of this position coupled with having the right attitude and projecting a positive image.

Introducing the Role

  • Understand the role, function and importance of the job
  • Note personal attributes and your importance to the job
  • Company presentation: personal appearance and hygiene
  • Motivation and positive attitude

Job skills

  • Taking ownership and responsibility
  • Accuracy of details and instructions
  • Efficiency and pro-active problem solving
  • Importance and understanding documentation processes
  • Dealing with a variety of customers and situations
  • Understand the importance of customer service
  • Vehicle/ motor cycle maintenance and responsibility
  • Road safety and security

Communication Skills

  • Body language and verbal content
  • Effective listening skills
  • Assertiveness communication
  • Understanding customer diversity
  • General life skills for adults

Benefits of Attending

Participants will learn how to deal with customers appropriately, principles of time, problem solving and taking initiative all form part of this very practical training session.

Delegate Feedback

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