Stock Control


Stock Control


Stock Controllers represent the pivot point of the business and control the organizations largest asset. Pilferage, loss, damage, incorrect paper trails and incorrect stock counts represent huge financial losses. Is this happening to your company?

Introducing the role

  • Job Description
  • The role of the stock controller
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Inter-department relationships

Procedural skills

  • Understanding stock and stock control
  • Controlling the process and movement of stock
  • Stock documentation
  • Controlling of returns and back orders
  • Effective record keeping of documentation
  • Receiving and dispatching of stock
  • Packing and displaying of stock
  • Colour coding stock
  • Handling damaged stock
  • Procedures in stock taking
  • Good housekeeping – safety and security issues
  • Standards and ethics in stores
  • Stock control management systems
  • Stock pilferage
  • Time management

Communication skills

  • Positive attitude
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Problem solving

Benefits of Attending

This practical workshop endorses the need for stock and job accountability for accurate stock movement, stock takes and documentation.

Delegate Feedback

It was an excellent workshop. Will definitely be recommending it to other peopleThe Vetstore

The workshop helped us understand the responsibilities of the stock controller AMT Composites (Pty) Ltd

I really like the fact that the workshop wasn’t too large. It made it easier to participate. Sensetek