We all encounter adversity in our lives. This is an inevitable part of living. This might be on a personal level or on a collective level, as is the case right now. The only way to weather these storms is to go within. If you come at these obstacles from the thinking mind, you will find yourself feeling overwhelmed and devastated by life’s events.  Even if you do not fall ill or contract the  COVID-19 virus, the fear will consume you.

Why do you fear? Fear is a thought form where you project yourself into some future moment, and it robs you of your present moment experience. If you were present, you would realise that in this moment there is nothing to fear.

Adversity is a wonderful opportunity because it forces you to go within and awaken to the deeper dimension of who you are. Life becomes almost unbearable when you live on the surface of existence. Although nothing has actually happened yet, you rob yourself of your present moment experience.

When things are going well, many of you couldn’t be bothered to go deeper. If you are in a comfort zone you will not awaken because you are enjoying this positive experience. It’s only when loss or pain enters your life that you have the opportunity to awaken to the deepest sense of who you really are.

This pandemic is an invitation to go deeper. If you don’t, you will suffer unnecessarily. Millions are in a state of fear and anxiety. This could be your greatest opportunity to discover your true worth. The most important point to make is your state of consciousness. You should pay more attention to that than the news casts. What is your state of awareness? This is something that is under your control.

Many of you are forced to stay home and this  as an opportunity to use this precious time because it is part or the awakening consciousness of humanity. Something on the surface that looks so negative, could be an opportunity for you to awaken to a higher level of consciousness.

It’s not too late to awaken to your deepest truth. Whenever you find your mind wandering into fear and anxiety, you will have lost the present moment.

There is no greater time to re-discover what lies dormant within you and to explore your deepest held values. Right here, right now.

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