Soft Skills is for ‘sissies’ or is it?

by Ornella Bourgeois

I often think of soft skills as people skills. We interact with people every day, whether we choose to or not, whether we work or not. There is the exception of course for those of us who are miles away from other human beings in deserted remote areas. But then again don’t we need soft skills to interact with nature and animals?

Let’s get serious for a moment ….. let’s take for a doctor for example. Of course you go to him or her for the skilled medical treatment, but when presented with two doctors with the same skill you will still choose to go to the one that is pleasant and takes the time to answer your questions and is understanding. Aha, isn’t this a soft skill?


What about an employee? Times are tough, you need to retrench. Who do you choose to keep? An employee who is always late, has bad attitude, never goes the extra mile or the one that is always willing to assist, flexible and has a positive attitude? Self explanatory, soft skills matter, so, debate closed in my opinion, I dare you to up your soft skills.


Here’s a list of some soft skills that all ‘humanoids’ should possess; communication skills; presentation skills; selling skills; leadership skills; coaching skills; management skills; interpersonal relationship skills; teamwork skills; good listening skills; self-confidence; persistence; patience; stress management; facilitation skills; networking skills; persuasion skills; good friendly attitude.

Mindtools has a briliant list of books to read on this topic;

  1. How to Win Friends 7 Influence People by Dale Carnegie.
  2. Learn good listening skills by Naomi Drew.
  3. The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz.
  4. Executive Strategies for Tough Times by Donald Phillips

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