Selling is not for the faint hearted; Individuals who want to succeed in phone sales must learn and master a number of job skills. A company will remain ahead of its game if it has an effective sales team.

Introducing the role:

  • Job Description
  • Why telephone sales?
  • Attitude towards the job
  • Why pick up the telephone
  • Pro-activeness towards making the call
  • Accepting change within the business today

Communication skills:

  • Sales and telephone techniques
  • Seven deadly sins
  • The selling equation
  • Telephone technique and etiquette
  • First impressions
  • Voice and attitude
  • Choice of words and grammar
  • Dealing with communication barriers
  • Asking the right questions
  • Telephone bad habits

Procedural skills

  • The sales process
  • The buying process
  • How to handle objections and rejections
  • Identifying buying signals and closing the sale
  • Understanding character and personality profiles
  • Offer solutions not problems
  • Know your product/service – don’t be a robot

Benefits of Attending

This workshop covers telephone techniques and sales tips; Participants will be equipped with the knowledge of how to stay positive and motivated while under pressure and learn how to deal with rejection.

Delegate Feedback

Well based course. Learnt so much, thank you Pacific International Line SA