Positive Selling & Negotiating Skills

Positive Selling


Effective sales and customer service training is crucial for any business whether you are selling a product or rendering a service. A sales person should have an understanding of accepted sales techniques like relationship selling and consultative or value-added selling. They should also know how to move a sale along and close off a deal.

The sales process – Prospecting and Preparation

  • Selling in desperate times
  • Steps to differentiation

Communication skills in sales – Managing first Impressions

  • Body language
  • The telephone and email etiquette; A bridge not a barrier
  • Positive communication
  • Must-ask sales questions
  • Careful listening
  • How to prepare an effective quotation
  • Sales database – the key sales advantage

Understanding customer needs and expectations

  • Motivating the customer to action
  • Negotiating skills
  • Problem solving

The selling equation

  • Forming strong relationships
  • Traits and trust

Recognising buying signals

  • Handling objections effectively
  • Closing the sale
  • Feedback and follow through

Post Mortem

  • Effects of losing a sale

Benefits of Attending

Delegates will be trained on how to move a sale along and close /wrap up a deal efficiently, various sale techniques, relationship building and self-motivation.

Delegate Feedback

Very interactive, a lot of role plays and kept my attention all the way! Scored 5’s on all accounts and would recommend this to anyone who needs assistance in salesTrudon