Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills


The key to developing effective negotiating skills is to learn to prepare properly before the negotiation. Many people do just the opposite, they just learn the general outlines before sitting at the negotiating table then they try to get as much as they can for themselves. This practical workshop aims to use effective negotiating skills to prepare for a negotiation and achieve better outcomes.

Implementing an effective negotiation process

  • Preparation
  • What is negotiation?
  • Active listening during a negotiation process
  • Negotiating for resolution
    – The big picture first
    – Concessions
    – Compromise
  • Understanding the positive aspects of a negotiation process
  • Achieving a win-win situation
  • Reaching consensus
  • Opening position
  • Bargaining
  • Movement
  • Closing

Identifying the key roles and responsibilities required by the negotiation team

  • Ways and guidelines to negotiate your way to success
  • Show respect
  • Recognize and define the problem
  • Seek a variety of solutions
  • Collaborate
  • Be reliable and consistent
  • Preserve the relationship