Customer Service

Customer Service


Customer Service forms an integral part of the business. Regardless of how the customer service is delivered, soft skills are needed. There is only one boss – the Customer.

Definition of Customer Service

  • Impact on the business; ten simple rules
  • Customer service and company standards
  • Your approach; Personality, first impression, body language and verbal content
  • Having the right attitude towards working with people
  • Maintaining a corporate identity

Identifying Customers

  • Internal and external customers
  • Customer profiles

Managing Customers

  • Effective customer communication
  • Understanding customer perspectives, perceptions, expectations
  • Handling customer diversity
  • Customer do’s and don’t’s
  • Consideration towards customer disappointments; problems and complaints
  • Taking initiative, being pro-active and a solution thinker
  • Sound product information and knowledge
  • Ensuring repeat business
  • Customer policies and procedures

Dealing with Customers Telephonically and Electronically

  • Telephone and email techniques and etiquette
  • Building rapport telephonically and electronically
  • Adopting a ‘one company one image’

Benefits of Attending

This practical workshop highlights the importance of working through company standards and meeting customer perspectives, perceptions and expectations.

Delegate Feedback

The trainer was excellent. He made everything so easy to understand KGA Life

I have gained so much from this course. I see now why customer service is important Prowalco

The workshop was fun and covered all the relevant topics. Everyone was in good spirits and left smiling Stellenbosch University