We are living in a new era, where the rising stars in companies are millennials. They are fast becoming a new generation of thinkers, leaders and they are ready to change the world. How these bright new minds think and learn is a whole new language. I find it more and more in my training workshops when I engage with a bright group of men and women. They don’t want to listen quietly as I teach them, they want to engage, ask questions, challenge and find new solutions.

As a learning conversationalist I have found these are some of the ideas that work well with millennials.

REAL Not only are we required to have a credible communication style, but we need to remain humble and authentic. They don’t expect us to know all about their lifestyle, nor do they want us to embrace their culture.  They are simply seeking understanding and respect.
RAW Today’s youth have access to the most advanced technologies. Movie special effects and video games with which we can never compete.  The good news is that they are not impacted by sleek presentations.  The more spontaneous and interactive we are in the classroom, the less intimidated and more open they will be.
RELEVANT The style as well as the content of our messages needs to be relevant to a generation who are visually educated and entertained.
RELATIONAL Communication to this generation requires openness, vulnerability and genuine interest and above all understanding.  The more relaxed the environment, and the more socially conducive to discussion; the better will be the quality of the learning.


With over 20 years as a learning conversationalist and trainer, I find millennials love to learn from wisdom, from someone who has walked a road of learning and understanding. It’s from this platform that I engage with these exciting minds.

Millennials are our future. It’s important that companies design learning opportunities that adhere to the strengths of this unique generation. VETTA Communication offers multiple platforms for engaging these young minds with revolutionising ideas.

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