Re-Imaging & Re-creating your Management Team

Where do you go to when you want a training intervention to stimulate and ignite your management team to really communicate? VETTA Communication, of course.


 VETTA Communication is more than just another training company. We’re a dynamic business that services the specific training and development needs of small, medium and large businesses.  Our wide range of training programmes presented on diverse platforms, have a strong focus on experiential value, sustainability and leave teams to really address deep issues.

 Management is a complex balancing act, with most managers wearing several hats. They need to often operate as salespeople, coaches, mentors, disciplinarians, referees with a host of additional roles. Today’s companies require strong, competent and compassionate leaders if they plan to survive.

 We have had some great results working with clients like Kumon, who approached us earlier this year to conduct training for their national management team. Our task was to address some pertinent issues affecting their performance and communication.  In addition, the regular change of senior management from Japan requires the management team to continuously adapt to new ways of thinking and working.

 Instead of running a typical management programme with Kumon, we explored their values, what they stand for and what has been preventing them from communicating better and working together as a team.

 Our approach is to delve into the root cause of your management team’s challenges, cutting through jargon and recreating innovative interventions with lasting results in both your team’s work and personal lives. In this way, a company benefits from our holistic approach to addressing underlying values and re-imagining an effective approach to management.

 The VETTA Communication team has received some astounding feedback.

 Manager’s Feedback from Bryony Rochat: “I just wanted to say thank you so much for the two days you spent with us. It gave me a moment in time to actually stop, think, challenge myself and regroup. It was so needed for all of us. The preparation and work you did to understand the current situation first, made the training top-notch and really valuable and useful.

I hope we all are able to take some steps forward in balancing ourselves out a little. I really appreciate your challenging (and refreshing) honesty and input.”

 Based on VETTA Communication’s successful outcome with Kumon’s management team, we have been contracted to present various workshops on a range of different topics that will further enhance the balance within their various teams.

 In today’s competitive world of management, strong compassionate leaders are required to drive your organisation’s profitability.  Our Mission is to uplift your workforce at all levels by converting any fear of training into an unforgettable, holistic, practical, real-to-every day working life rewarding experience.  At VETTA Communication we change mind-sets as a stepping stone to growth.

 Contact us today for a training experience with depth and reality.


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