Time Management, Assertiveness and Personal Productivity

Time Management, Personal Productivity & Assertiveness


Personal productivity training offers a practical look at issues that can either hinder or assist productivity and provides a range of tools for immediate application.

Time Management

  • Time management principles and tips to improve productivity
  • Knowing your work cycles and power hours
  • Reducing excessive interruptions
  • Why productivity and time management work hand in hand
  • The importance of effective and efficient pro-activeness
  • Frustrations experienced through time restraints
  • Coping with performance standards
  • Crisis management

Personal Productivity

  • Obstacles preventing maximum personal productivity
  • The components of productivity and their interdependencies
  • Busy vs. productive work
  • Prioritization and avoiding procrastination
  • The importance of proper planning
  • Pro-active vs. reactive

Why be Assertive?

  • Understanding assertive behaviour
  • Negative and positive aspects of assertiveness
  • When to be assertive and with whom?
  • Difference between various character profiles
  • Non-assertive job personalities
  • Knowing your rights and responsibilities
  • Coping with performance standards
  • Dealing with criticism

Benefits of Attending:

This workshop was designed to prepare participants on how to maximise personal productivity within the organization with a strong focus on time management for improved efficiency and whilst being more assertive to reduce stress.

Delegate Feedback

This training was well structured! It covered & met all our expectations. Very informative & your trainer is excellent! Aviation Co-Ordination Services

The workshop has benefited us as it was kept simple and to the pointCrawford Express (Pty) Ltd

The workshop was covered 100% – Trainer has done an excellent job. Well done! Kerrizzma Steel