Waste Management

Waste Management


This workshop is designed to allow personnel in an operational environment both on the shop floor and or admin areas to better understand the principles of what is “waste” and how do we reduce it, then to apply different techniques to eradicate waste in the operation and to save money that can be added to the bottom line profits of the organisation.

Introduction to the War on Waste (WOW)

  • Operations & the elimination of waste
  • Types of operations
  • What is waste?
  • How to identify waste
  • 7 types of waste
  • The 5 “S” process
    • The Importance of 5 “S”
    • What happens without 5 “S”
  • Importance of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Standards & maintaining them
  • Clean As You Go (CLAYGO) practices
  • What we learn, how to apply and maintain taught components

Problem solving

  • How to analyse a problem
  • Tools for problem solving
  • How to produce the best results
  • How correct problem solving achieves cost savings