I woke up this morning to a day with gusts of wind skittering over the ocean. My upstairs bedroom window looks out to the dusty street below. As I sipped on my hot lemon water, a man in khaki clothes walked past. I waved – one simple wave. He looked up and smiled as he walked on. It was at that moment I realised how one simple smile, one easy wave can make a huge difference to somebody’s day. Perhaps he may be feeling anonymous and unseen. When I put up my hand and waved it in the air, that man suddenly felt seen.

This is what VETTA Internationale is about. As a soft skills training company, we make small waves of change in the workplace. Our online motivational talks, for instance, offer teams a chance to be seen and heard in a world of noise, stress, and disconnect. People in the workplace may be missing the one-on-one camaraderie so vital to a healthy workspace. A one-hour conversation that helps teams look at positive change can make all the difference in bringing them together. A kind of magic or alchemy takes place on a Zoom call when a collective can be seen and heard.

The way we offer training is even more different. Instead of boring PowerPoint presentations that stick to the workbook, Lionel Bourgeois offers training that caters to the individual. He challenges you to think out the box and to blend life skills into the courses he delivers. Not only do participants leave with the skills they signed up for, but with a sense of belonging within the workplace.

It’s like that one small wave. It makes a lasting difference in the way employees work. Our training encourages individuality and critical thinking beyond the subject being taught.

We all deserve to be seen and heard within the workplace. VETTA Internationale offers just that. No, I am not going to include a call to action. This would imply I am trying to sell you something. What I am asking you to do, is check out our website. Look at what we can offer you. It can make all the difference…..


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