Managing your time efficiently & increasing productivity

10 tips to managing your time efficiently & increasing productivity

How well do you manage your time? Or are you like many of us and say “There’s just not enough time in the day”? Perhaps you even find yourself working late hours to meet your deadlines or maybe you even feel too busy that you miss meals and sleep. These are all classic signs that you may not be managing your time effectively.
Time Management

If you manage time properly you find the right balance between your work, leisure and rest time. You effectively accomplish the things that matter most in your life. On top of that, you reduce your stress level and feel a lot happier. To help you manage time more effectively, here are our 10 tips:

  • Set Goals: Goals give you a vision, focus and destination to work towards. By setting goals, you are able to identify what’s worth spending your time on and what’s a distraction to avoid.
  • Prioritize: Ask yourself three basic questions to know what tasks should take first priority:
  • Why am I doing this task or activity?
  • How does this task help me achieve my goals?
  • To what extent does this task I’m doing help me achieve my goals?

Do the most important things first.

  • Keep a task list:Keeping a to-do list helps you remain organized and on top of things. It helps break things down into small, manageable tasks or steps so that you never forget to do the important stuff.
  • Schedule Tasks:If you are a morning person and find you are at your most creative and productive early in the morning, schedule high-value tasks in the morning at your peak creative/productive time. If your creativity and energy picks up when the sun is setting, schedule high priority tasks then. Your “down” time can be scheduled for less important tasks like checking e-mail or returning phone calls.
  • Focus on 1 task at a time: Forget multitasking. You don’t get on top of your workload by multitasking. Focus more on completing one task at a time. Completing tasks in sequence one at a time leads to better use of time
  • Minimize distractions:Identify what is distracting you from doing core tasks and put a stop to it. Kill that television and turn off your Internet connection and Watsapp.
  • Overcome procrastination: It has been said that procrastination is the thief of time. Push yourself a little harder to beat procrastination and get what needs to be done DONE.
  • Take breaks:This way you give your brain valuable time to rest and recharge. Taking breaks from work is not time wasting. It is smart time management.
  • Learn to say “No”:If you don’t learn to say “no” to things that are not important, other peoples’ priorities will precede your own and you will be swamped with far too many projects and commitments.
  • Learn to delegate:You save time, reduce stress and accomplish a lot more when you assign tasks to the right people.

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