Learning to Slow Down

Learning to Slow Down


I’ve been lying in a hospital bed for almost a week now, unexpected, unscheduled, and ‘resting in a bed for a week, Me? What! I don’t have the time or back-up.  I have a business to run, a family to feed, commitments – (Oh I’m big in holding on to those).  I have my daily fitness regime and all my social media get through, NO WAY!’

I was given no choice…

A recent local flight incident meant an emergency landing. This turned my hectic lifestyle onto its head.  Not only did my whole life flash before my eyes as we were descending at high speed with oxygen masks, my body was saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Two weeks after the flight incident my body manifested itself in a way that I had to be hospitalized, with no choice.

This was yet another shock.  The daunting word ‘HOSPITAL’.  I had never actually been admitted to such an institution before (pretty good going at the age of 57 you might add!) The doctor could see my anguish, but again, ‘gave me no choice!’

In denial I convinced myself that it would be just overnight.  I’m not injured or sick really I thought, just alarming symptoms.

It will be a week tomorrow L…

I fought their routine, their noise, their hurry up and wait sense of working, the doctors’ on duty diagnosis, their menu choice etc. etc.

Until finally I surrendered to their rhythm. I surrendered to the annoying ringing telephone, the perpetual interruptions, the waking up at 4h45 military style regime, their ridiculously antiquated autocratic hierarchy and their over friendly yet somewhat incompetent staff.

Most of all I surrendered to myself.  I was being told to ‘slow down’, that putting my week on hold wasn’t going to kill anybody, people would understand, my business wasn’t going to go belly-up after being open for 20 years, and that while being in ‘the institution’ wasn’t exactly relaxing at the Twelve Apostles Spa on the coast of Cape Town, it was a place where I had ‘no choice’ but stay in bed and relax.  (Not to say that my laptop wasn’t my bed companion).

Examine your own lives and decide whether you shouldn’t be slowing down too!


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