Leadership Skills for Team Leaders


Leadership Skills for Team Leaders

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This workshop is available as both an in-house or as public workshop

Leadership Skills for Team Leaders


This workshop is designed to provide a strong foundation in understanding the principles and skills of a good leader,how to apply influencing techniques and how to communicate effectively when delegating tasks

Introducing the role of leadership

Understanding the relationship between leadership and influence

Understand the main approaches to leadership

Traits perspective

Behavioural perspective

Leadership styles

Charismatic leadership

Understand how to build relationships

Appreciate different methods and zones of influence

Effectively employ of influencing tactics

The process of delegation

Why delegate?

Accountability vs. responsibility

Delegation vs. instruction

Ways to delegate

Key points when delegating

Who to delegate to?

What can and cannot be delegated

Why not delegate?

Evaluating delegation

Common problems found when delegating

Model for effective delegation

Benefits of Attending

Completion of this training will provide team leaders with skills in building relationships together with effective strategies on “getting the job done’ through others.

Delegate Feedback

"Dr. Matisonn, Scott & Tobias" The workshop was very informative. A job well done!
"Langebaan Country" I would love to attend more workshops like this as a refresher.