Recruitment, Selection & Interviewing Skills

Recruitment, Selection & Interviewing Skills


Although recruitment has always held an important place within organizations, the growing demand for highly skilled staff has meant that effective recruitment practices have now become a considerable source of competitive advantage. This practical workshop is designed to recruit effectively and to carefully select and interview potential candidates. In addition, participants will learn how to implement a supporting measurement system for the recruitment process.

Biases in selection

  • Expectancy effect
  • Primary effect
  • Information seeking bias
  • Contrast and quota effect
  • Stereotyping

The recruitment process

  • Job analysis and job descriptions
  • Sourcing candidates
  • The recruitment interview
  • Psychometric testing
  • Reference checks and making an offer

The recruitment interview

  • Mutual preview
  • Assessment
  • Negotiation

Six critical types of interview questions

  • Following through the Labour Law