A Holistic Approach to Project Management

As you take on new and increasingly complex challenges in your business, you will find you need more advanced skills to confidently and successfully manage your projects. VETTA Communication, with over 20 years in the corporate training field, has refined their project management training and achieved enormous success with those who attend their workshops.

Recently, Director Lionel Bourgeois, held a successful training workshop with a group of project managers who had recently completed a 5-year project. He reflected on what they could have done better and why they struggled in certain areas. He took them through each phase of the project and involved them in a lively discussion to look at every facet of the project.

He worked through the five phases of Project Management.

The Five Phases of Project Management

The Initiation Phase at this initial stage the nature and scope of the project are determined.  It’s important to ensure all the necessary controls are incorporated into the project. The objective here is to implement “SMARTS” criteria.

·         Specific

·         Measurable

·         Achievable

·         Relevant

·         Time-bound

·         Supported by the organization



During this phase, the project is formally started, named and defined at a broader level. Budgets are set and correctly allocated.               


At this juncture, a project deliverable is developed, completed, ensuring there is a mapped out plan for its execution.


This happens at the same time as the execution phase.  Some of the key tasks include exploring risk factors and finding effective ways to mitigate any possible weak points.


This is the moment of truth.  This stage includes a series of important tasks such as delivery, relieving resources, reward, and recognition of the team members and the formal termination of contractors employed for the project.

By working through these phases, Lionel reconfirmed for the group what they were instinctively doing that worked and if they had taken the correct approach. The training proved to be an empowering process and it gave participants the confidence to approach any future projects with a sense of renewed pride and commitment.

This is how one of the attendees put it:

WOW! A big thank you!

You made such an impression on me and I am still basking in it! You are truly an inspiration to the human race.

 Thank you so much once again. Needless to say that my journal needs some balancing J after your remarkable input into my life!

The ability to plan, implement, measure and close a project is a key business skill.  The VETTA Communication Project Management soft skill workshop offers a comprehensive process-based model for project management. It outlines the key tools and techniques required to deliver excellent projects on time, within budget and with successful results.

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