Are you helping your office staff get ahead?

They form the backbone of all organisations and companies. They are all too often unseen, working hard in the background, making life easy for everyone working in your company.  In fact, they are key to your company’s success. I’m talking about the women and men who make your tea and who perform essential general office tasks.











While your management team make important decisions, these key players work tirelessly to deliver the best possible support to everyone in the organisation. They too have obstacles and issues. Like all of us.

At VETTA Communication, we understand their challenges. We don’t just see ourselves as a training company. We’re a dynamic organisation, servicing specific training and development needs of small, medium and large businesses. You can choose from a wide selection of leading-edge workshops and products, with a strong focus on experiential value, sustainability and return-on-investment.

We cover a wide range of ‘essential skills’, accredited and non-accredited workshops and learnerships and have been doing so for more than 18 years. In a nutshell, we are in the business of maximising and sustaining the value of your human resources.

Training Workshops Offered

At Vetta Communication, our team runs successful half-day, practical workshops for your key people. Our workshops emphasise the important requirements needed for these positions, coupled with motivation, portraying the correct image and attitude.

The primary focus of these hands-on learning sessions is to share basic communication skills, stock control, cleaning, time management and problem-solving.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, your staff will learn how to:

  • Serve visitors at reception, to management, for staff and in the boardroom
  • Set up basic functions/meetings in the boardroom
  • Make a positive impression and uphold the image of your company
  • Plan and schedule daily tasks for serving and cleaning offices, bathrooms, boardrooms and the kitchen
  • Manage stock effectively
  • Complete supportive administrative duties
  • Basic life skills

We have enjoyed some tremendous feedback from all those who have attended this practical, hands-on experience. This is some of the feedback we received from a recent workshop we presented at Abacus,

 “I would like to thank VETTA for making time to come and train our ladies on sight.  As there were a lot of issues with the ladies working together,  it was absolutely ideal for them to have the workshop together.

VETTA’S facilitator was absolutely the correct person to facilitate this session.

We would be delighted to discuss your training needs. We offer workshops in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Call Us Today and enrich the lives of your employees.

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