Each day we’re faced with a myriad of choices, responses and reactions. What if we could change my perspectives, behaviours and responses to help me move past unresolved issues?

Adversity is an unavoidable part of human existence.  We gravitate between our inner struggles and external forces, and in so many cases, we emerge stronger and better equipped to cope with life’s challenges when we lean in to whatever is happening in the outside world.

I know my initial response to adversity is to push against the problem, and use a number of distorted and mechanised thoughts to process what is happening.

Distorted thoughts like:

  • Over-generalisation: sweeping statements with little or no factual basis
  • Catastrophizing: expecting the worst, over-dramatizing the issue
  • Blaming others: it’s their fault. A typical way of avoiding responsibility
  • Mind Reading: assuming what others are thinking
  • Self-blame:”it’s all my fault.” This implies that whatever is happening is out of my control

Whether we intend to change ourselves or some element of the world around us, we cannot simply hope that by some miracle transformation will happen. If our patterns of thought and behaviour remain unchanged, our lives will continue to unfold in much the same way as they have previously.

It is our courage that enables us to question our choices and to channel our efforts into innovation. Engaging with mindfulness practises and moving into a daily practise of meditation and self-reflection can help us make better choices and to break free from our unconscious patterns that no longer serve us.

The Universe is constantly giving us feedback. By taking the time to be still and making each moment an opportunity to shift our behaviours is a huge first step in changing our responses.

The results you so ardently want to realize are well within the realm of possibility, and you need only step away from the well-worn circular path to explore the untried paths that lie beyond it.

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