Creating the right conditions for your organisation’s vitality


Many of you spend a great deal of your life working either for yourselves or for others. Either way, you are obliged to deal with colleagues and clients on a daily basis. Working with people sometimes creates conflict or a feeling of overwhelm.  You may feel, intuitively, that something isn’t working but you can’t put your finger on the problem. When this happens you may find yourself stuck with a range of mixed emotions.  Perhaps you’re not performing to the best of your abilities. In some cases, you may even have developed a long-term pattern with a sense of dissatisfaction.   Perhaps there are underlying issues within your company, yet you don’t know how to bring these to the surface.

This is where Organisational Constellations comes in to offer an elegant solution.  It’s a powerful tool used as an intervention to uncover hidden dynamics and analyze complex situations.  Its aim is to allow flow back within your company, help achieve sustainable company growth and improve team communication and work spirit.

This modality, which has gained popularity in Europe, is particularly suited to companies that are faced with a number of traumatic events; more specifically the down-scaling of teams as a result of COVID-19, loss amongst colleagues, and anxiety around the current uncertainty of business.  This is having a profound influence on all business activities and your staffs’ lives.

As trained facilitators, we’ll assist you with the process of setting up an organizational constellation that will reveal an entangled and complex web. In so doing lasting change can begin to take place.

A piece of the hidden blueprint is revealed and restructured toward a more balanced, life-giving picture. This movement of honoring those issues kept in the shadows makes a palpable difference, often in surprising and liberating ways. While each company is unique, and each person’s story is different, there are universal truths that connect us to one another.

This work needs to be experienced to be fully understood. In a nutshell, we set up a scenario using representatives to unlock these hidden dynamics and create an opportunity for healing to take place in a safe space.

Family Constellations was first developed by Bert Hellinger, a psychotherapist from Germany. His model offers two possibilities:

  1. A different lens through which to view what is happening relationally in organizations.
  2. A movement towards a more effective organizational structuring, process, and change.

Where can business constellations help?

Constellations are a great intuitive management method to use with complex or repetitive problems. Areas in which business constellations are the ideal solution include:

  • Management decisions about transformation in the organization e.g. mergers, reorganizations
  • Marketing (intuitive marketing) e.g. what marketing channels to use, which products to develop, identifying why sales are dropping
  • Leadership strategies
  • Diagnosing the root cause of complex or recurring problems
  • When you sense there is something wrong, but cannot put your finger on it
  • When there is a conflict and the source is uncertain or doesn’t appear to make sense
  • Goal setting
  • Team building and resolving team problems
  • Assessing a project’s worth
  • Testing the efficiency of important steps or changes in an organization
  • Healing any hidden traumas within a company and facilitating change
  • Integration after merging or acquiring an organization
  • Supporting decision making in all business areas
  • Improving the overall effectiveness of a company
  • Strategy development