I’m pretty sure you’ve met some of them during boardroom meetings. They are fired up, enthusiastic and command attention. These are leaders and with their powerful presence can command an audience and their leadership style is evident.

Throughout history, we’ve seen charismatic leaders, like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr., the Dalai Lama and the list is endless. Yet there is controversy around whether charisma is cultivated or is one born with this natural ability.

In a nutshell, charismatic leaders are skilled communicators. They are verbally eloquent and able to communicate on a deep, emotional level. These people can articulate a compelling and captivation vision, arousing strong emotions in their audience.

These people are visionaries who don’t conform to the norm. They live outside the bell-shaped curve. I believe these charismatic leaders can cultivate qualities to inspire those around them to achieve greatness.


These leaders inspire people to take action and are capable of initiating and maintaining an enormous level of change within an organisation.

Here are some of the qualities I consider best describe charismatic and powerful leaders.

  1. Communication

These leaders can motivate employees through tough times and help people in a company remain grounded when things become chaotic. They are equally comfortable communication one-to-one or in group situations.

  1. Wisdom and Knowledge

Even though charismatic leaders have a powerful personality, they also are mature and have high levels of integrity. They don’t need to show off, but instead, they draw on their wisdom and knowledge and apply these to any business situation.

  1. Humble

These people are humble and place a great deal of value on each and every employee. They are able to truly listen to concerns and convince employees of the value they bring to the organisation and show them how their contribution can positively impact the interests of the company. They inspire loyalty and commitment from employees.

  1. Compassion

Above all else powerful leaders are compassionate. They have honesty, integrity and courage. These are displayed in times of adversity, and these qualities are deeply appreciated in a company’s culture. They understand we are all human and mistakes happen. Yet still, they choose to see the best in others.

  1. Great Leaders Walk the Talk

Great leaders capture peoples’ attention because they walk the talk. They don’t make empty promises filled with bluster, instead, they lead by example and display high levels of integrity. You know you can trust these leaders not by what they say, but by their actions.

  1. Confidence

It goes without saying that charismatic leaders are truly confident. These leaders are confident and comfortable in their own skin. They don’t need to prove themselves to anyone except themselves.

  1. Deep Listeners

These people are good listeners. When they listen, they pay attention and can display high levels of empathy. You can tell them your problems and they won’t judge or offer advice. Instead, they will simply hear what is in your heart and feed this information back to you.

  1. Constant Self-Improvement

Leaders who are powerful are always curious and willing to learn. You will find them immersed in books that inspire powerful growth. Even if they don’t understand something, they will ask and learn from others. These people have an insatiable curiosity.

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