Call Centre

Call Centre


Call centres play a pivotal role in business today. This practical workshop will provide call centre agents clarity on expected business performance standards and enhance call center productivity. Agents will be empowered to improve customer intervention, calm irate customers, solve ongoing problems, offer solutions and deal with objections.

Introducing the Role

  • Understanding call centres
  • Your role as a call centre agent

Customer Interventions

  • Impact on the business; ten simple rules
  • Customer service standards and expectations
  • Approach; first impression in verbal content
  • Working with communication barriers
  • Understanding client expectations and meeting those requirements
  • Dealing with a variety of character profiles and how to recognize these
  • Ensuring a delightful call centre experience

Telephone Procedures and Techniques

  • Creating a communication bridge not a barrier?
  • Techniques in answering the telephone
  • Taking control of calls and staying focused
  • Active listening
  • Vocal tone, proactive questioning, enthusiasm and promptness
  • Speaking with positive intent and professionalism
  • Pro-active problem solving
  • Taking initiative and offering solutions
  • Sound product and industry knowledge
  • Meeting targets
  • Team work and co-operation