Do you belong to the 1% of the population who sees life differently?

She comes to work 5 days a week and lives in the bustling metropolis of Gauteng. In the interests of confidentiality, I’ll call her Zinzi. Her routine is pretty much the same each day. Work until 5 pm, rush home, watch some TV, drink a glass of wine over dinner and fall into a dreamless sleep. When Lionel first met Zinzi for a personal coaching session, he was astonished at how vibrant this 23-year old was. She possesses an inimitable spark, despite her numbing routine. All it took was a conversation to help her understand how much she can share and how she bring this energy into her job.

This is where the genius of Lionel Bourgeois comes in. The company asked him to come in and help her deal better with her debt collecting job. Not an easy one, I know. Yet, the 8 hours he spent with Zinzi brought her back to life. While Lionel, Director of VETTA Communication, helped Zinzi deal with the challenges of her position, he left her with a better idea of how she could break out of the stultifying life she had built for herself, which has motivated her to bring out the finest qualities in her position as head of Debt Collecting.

We all deserve to know the truth of our potential and Lionel has the tools to activate and empower the lives of those people he trains, mentors and coaches.

This is what Lionel does best. He is a flow coach and inspired conversationalist, whose unbridled enthusiasm for life helps him harness the greatness in his clients. Through his enigmatic approach, you will learn what drives your inspiration and how to become the few who break out of limiting beliefs.

Whether he’s training one-on-one or in big groups, Lionel’s unique talents bring forth the greatness in others.  With over 19 years in the training industry, Lionel is inspired by the many people who experience joy and passion in jobs they love and distressed by the many who have lost hope in ever achieving their dreams.  Every day he builds new relationships, touches hearts and becomes a catalyst for change.

His philosophy is to remain humble and address everyone, no matter their work scope or rank.  Lionel truly believes that every individual has the right to work fulfillment, adding value to themselves, their families, their colleagues and their places of work.

This dynamic trainer is the proud owner of VETTA Communication. He is a motivational speaker, television host, mentor, life coach and offers training opportunities to organizations both large and small.  He is blessed with an abundance of energy and dedicated to changing lives and assisting companies to bring out the best in their employees.

Lionel’s passion is clearly evident, from the person working at the coal face of a company to the CEO who continues to lead. Either way, his enigmatic style will bring out the finest qualities in the people he trains.




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