There are big possibilities, and then there are BIG POSSIBILITIES. For instance, success and security are big possibilities. But there are bigger possibilities that stand behind them, powers that make such achievements possible to attain. These bigger possibilities represent the brightest, most empowering forces in our Universe: Peace, Wisdom, Kindness and Freedom… just to name a few.

But there is one possibility, one living power so encompassing – so fundamental and important – that it goes virtually unnoticed by everyone who lives within it – much as an eagle flies through the open skies without ever realising its wings are supported by invisible currents of air.

In the history of true higher teachings, this one principle sits higher and runs deeper than all the others. Every prophet, every true saint or enlightened master, every illuminated manuscript – from the East to the West – points to this one all-encompassing principle as being the secret gateway to the Greater Life:

The Eternal Here and Now.

The now is the gateway to Creativity. It is the home of Peace and where Love lives.

If, as human beings, we are to answer the call within us to perfect ourselves and the world around us – if we are ever to realise a direct and personal relationship with Success itself – then we must all take a mandatory step in our own inner evolution: we must learn to live (and participate with) the ever unfolding and ever new Present Moment.

Here’s the Problem

We weren’t born knowing how to live in the Now. Once we outgrow the simple joy of just being a small child, we forget what real joy is; and our parents couldn’t tell us how to regain that precious sense of power lost, because they too had fallen asleep to its presence within them. And we were never taught about it in school.

Being conscious of ourselves in the Present Moment is the key to all things good; not just because of the better choices we can make for ourselves (because we can see more possibilities), but the more awake we are in the Now, the less likely we are to allow ourselves to be negatively compromised by our own past. Our relationships grow, because we do; confidence increases, because we make fewer mistakes in our awakened state. Being grounded in the Present Moment empowers us to stand in a world where the waves of troubled thoughts and feelings can no longer reach us to wash us away.

If learning to live in the Present Moment sounds wonderful, that’s because it is. And we are meant to know all of its wonders, and more.

Just as we can learn to ride a bike, or to read, or to use a computer, so can we learn to develop the inner ability to possess our attention and focus it on any of the m any wonder-filled facets of the Present Moment.

To living in the Now, Now.

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