I’m pretty sure many of us are familiar with this scenario. We wake up in the morning and begin our day in much the same way. Maybe we first brush our teeth, drink our coffee, eat breakfast, get dressed for work and travel the same route every day. For many of us life is on auto-pilot and we have the same conversations, arguments and discussions in the same way.

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The question is, to what extent have we become addicted to the ordinariness of life and is this a good or bad thing?

Let me elaborate. When we constantly do the same things day in day out, we often refuse to wear a different pair of glasses that invites us to start seeing the world in a more exciting and diverse way. We are basically living in a comfort zone, refusing to step off the treadmill and become curious about the mystery of life.

When we live in a comfort zone, we are not growing or challenging ourselves to become more. Some may argue this is a good thing. Often we need consistency to feel safe and if a certain way of accomplishing activities or tasks work, then why change them?

The challenge is, everything is changing all the time. Change is inevitable and a necessary part of life. There is a way to start seeing your work and your life in a more dynamic and creative way. At VETTA Communication we offer vibrant, thought-provoking training, workshops and online training to get you to start thinking creatively and with a greater sense of wonder.

Lionel Bourgeois, Director of VETTA Communication is well-known for engaging with participants in to bring the wonder and passion back into their jobs and their lives. He has this uncanny ability to help those he works with to make the ordinary become extraordinary.

With over 19 years in the training industry, we invite you to step into a world filled with possibility by joining us at one of our training workshops. We can even streamline a process ideally suited to your needs.

Let us make magic happen in your company.

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