About Us


A team that loves to create

At VETTA, we don’t see ourselves as a training company.We’re a dynamic company that services the specific training and development needs of small, medium and large business, from a wide selection of leading-edge courses and products, with a strong focus on experiential value, sustainability and return-on-investment.

Offering over 60 ‘essential skills’ courses (accredited or non-accredited) for more than 18 years already, we are in the business of maximising and sustaining the value of human resources. In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive, evolving business world, you can no longer afford not to harness, grow and retain the full value of your human capital.

Call us today to discuss solutions tailored to your specific in-house training needs. We also offer national public workshops to cater for smaller employee numbers and private individuals.

Whether in-house or public, our workshops ensure lasting solutions.

For a booking, or to discuss your training requirements contact us on:
086 111 83882  or email: sales@vetta.co.za



Keep it simple

VETTA is of Italian origin meaning ‘top’, ‘summit’ or ‘peak of a mountain’. It’s an appropriate analogy for what we do – we take people, teams and businesses to the top of their personal mountain and realise their potential.

Founded in 1999, VETTA continues to apply its wealth of experience in supporting a vision of being the first-choice service provider in essential skills development training and consulting in South Africa.

VETTA is a nationally recognised service provider offering learning and development services via a number of platforms including public and in-house workshops, coaching and facilitation, retreats, live televised broadcasts and virtual learning experience.

VETTA’s aim is for South African companies to maximise return-on-investment by optimising performance, productivity and sustainability. Holistically, VETTA aims to enrich companies and their human resources by developing the foundation for freedom of human thinking.

"It always seems impossible until it’s done" Nelson Mandela"





Social Responsibility
We support current and pertinent charities through annual funding. VETTA also offers selected free training workshops to NGOs.




Our Suppliers
We work with suppliers that align themselves to our principles and values




Our Mission
To uplift the workforce at all levels by converting any fear of training into a pleasurable experience. Changing mind-sets is the stepping stone to growth. Leading by example through our passion and energy,  practical tuition and dedication to the work we do, raises awareness within the human resources of our country. Changing the way one person thinks can change a family, a community and ultimately our country.


Our Policies
Currently BEE status level 4. We work with and support Black Empowerment businesses.




Our Values
Reliable; Flexible; Quality; Performance; Professionalism; Hands-on;Prompt response to problems; Accessible; Innovative; Caring.


Keywords that best describe us:

Passionate; flexible; organic; flow; nurturing; caring; reliable; supportive; quick turn-around time; relationship-builders; innovative; unconventional; people- and experience-orientated; fun; compassionate; professional; dynamic, solution-thinkers, results-focused; energetic and creative; success-driven; your ‘forever’ partner.