What Communication Style are you?


It’s impossible not to communicate. Even if you remain silent, you are still communicating with your body and facial expressions. We all have our unique style when it comes to interacting with other people. Some of us are extrovert while others prefer to stay out of the public eye.

Every time you communicate you are sending a message. The other person receiving your message will probably have their own interpretation because of their own style of communication. The first step in effective communication is to ensure your messages are properly received and understood by others.

We all have our own communication styles. Here are four common styles of communication. What is yours?


People with this style tend to take charge of their lives. They prefer to work independently and take decisive actions. These individuals are often seen as high achievers and well suited for leadership roles. They are not afraid to take risks and work to achieve greatness.


When you engage with a spirited person they come across as enthusiastic and friendly. They enjoy being around people who are in the spotlight and often come across as outgoing, exciting and motivated. A spirited person is ideally suited for a high-achieving position and is great at public presentations. They are quick to get a team motivated and excited.


When you meet a considerate person, they come across as warm and friendly. These people have great counselling skills and make good listeners. They are reliable, considerate and aware of how other people feel.  Someone with this style of relating works well in a team and will work well in  the helping professions.


People with a systematic approach to communication are often seen as accurate and objective. They are the voice of reason and will often make decisions based on facts, leaving out emotions. They rely on data and make excellent problem solvers. Because of their systematic approach they work well on their own and will follow through on tasks, they are independent and often have technical jobs.

A certain amount of flexibility is necessary in order to communicate with a person’s different style. It will take some willingness to discover a person’s style and then engage with them appropriately. When you look out for how people communicate, and begin to understand their point of view, your interactions with them can become so much richer and rewarding.

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